clinica_de_dermatologia_natalia_cymrot_estriasStretch marks

Stretch marks appear when there is an intense and fast distention of the skin, with damage to collagen and elastic fibers. It occurs frequently in pregnancy, puberty (by the fast growth spurt) or body weight variation. Some oral or topical drugs also may cause stretch marks, such as the corticosteroids.

Stretch marks treatment may begin as soon as they show up and are red in color, because they respond much better to the treatment in this phase than when they are white. It can be used the fractionated CO2 laser, pulsed intense light, diamond peeling (skin exfoliation) and the retinoic acid peeling, many times in combination, for better and faster results. All these methods aim to stimulate collagen and elastic fibers, reducing the size of the stretch marks and improving their color, therefore making them more discreet.

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