hidratação-facialSkin cleansing and Diamond peeling

Skin cleansing is an efficient treatment to maintain the skin free of impurities, comedones (blackheads) and pimples, and may be performed together with the diamond peeling, for better results. The procedure lasts for about one hour and consists in submitting skin to vapor heat so that the blackheads are softened and can be removed in a non-traumatic way. After the blackheads removal, substances with healing, bactericidal, calming, decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties are applied to the skin.

Skin cleansing are usually made once monthly (time needed for the blackhead to reappear), but may be more frequent depending on the case. It is fundamental that the skin cleansing be performed by an experienced professional, because blackheads removal requires hygiene, technique and ability. The result is a cleaner, fine, lush, soft, clear and homogeneous skin.

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