envelhecimento-pele-01Skin aging

Skin aging depends on genetic background and environmental factors, such as solar radiation and life habits. Exposure to ultraviolet rays, pollution, stress, smoking and alcohol cause the relieve of free radicals, which are important causes of cutaneous aging, because they increase collagen degradation.

To treat the aging skin, there are many products in the market containing substances such as: vitamin C, green tea, ferulic acid, retinoic acid and its derivatives, glycolic acid, resveratrol and others, that help to stimulate collagen synthesis on the skin, fight the free radicals and help in solar protection, spots lightening, and thus improve skin tone and texture. However, in many cases, these products are not sufficient, and procedures are required.

Laser beams

Laser beams are being used more and more to treat photoaging. The pulsed light is very much effective for the treatment of facial small blood vessels, freckles, sun spots and to improve skin texture. Fractionated CO2 laser improves greatly open pores, acne scars, spots and wrinkles, and it tones the skin, improving its texture.

Dermal Filling

There are also dermal filling techniques for skin depressions, wrinkles, fine lines, facial contour, improvements in the appearance of ears, under eyes dark circles and acne scars. The most used product is hyaluronic acid, which is long-lasting, from one to three years. Its application is very safe and comfortable.

envelhecimento-pele-02Skin Boosters

For the rapid improvement of the skin lushness on the face, neck and hands, there is also the skin booster technique. It consists in the application of a product composed by hyaluronic acid which promotes skin hydration from the inside out, besides stimulating collagen, improving skin flaccidity and texture.

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is used to reduce unwanted expression wrinkles on the face and neck, to improve the facial contour and to treat some types of headache, besides excessive sweating.


Microneedling is a technique in which a small roller with tiny needles is applied over the skin, to stimulate collagen, improve wrinkles and scars and to increase the permeation of certain substances through the skin.

In many times, techniques combination is the most complete and efficient way to treat skin aging.

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