Atopic dermatitisdermatite-atopica

Atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema is a genetic disorder which is worsened by environmental factors. It may be associated with rhinitis and asthma, and it commonly affects many family members. The child’s skin is hypersensitive skin to dust, swimming pool chloride, humidity, pollen, animal hair, feather, chemical cleaning products, wool, synthetic fabrics, cigarette smoke, among others. When in contact with these substances, the child may develop eczema which is a very pruriginous allergic reaction.

For the treatment, it is important to have quick and warm baths followed by a generous application of specific moisturizing creams in order to maintain skin hydration.

Medical treatment varies from topical creams and lotions to treat eczematous areas to light bathes (narrow band UV phototherapy) and oral drugs, such as anti-allergics and antibiotics (since it is common to have concomitant bacterial infections)

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