Dermal Fillingpreenchimento-300x200

Dermal filling is a technique that consists in the injection of substances under the skin, that leads to an improvement of skin relief and hydration. Also, it stimulates local collagen synthesis. The substance more used due to its high safety, efficacy and long-lasting duration is hyaluronic acid.

Found naturally in the skin, hyaluronic acid is nowadays considered one of the safest products for use in dermal filling. It is indicated for the correction of sulci (nasolabial, “Chinese moustache”), wrinkles and scars, to increase volume in certain regions, such as jaws, ears, lips (it is possible to enhance the lips contours and to increase its volume) and cheeks, to treat dark circles and for use in areas such as the neck, hands and cellulite sites. Even the nose may have its contour improved with this technique, that is simple and do not require license from everyday activities.preenchimento2

It is worth noting that the results are very natural and delicate, when the technique is well performed by an experienced professional.

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