Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects mainly women after the thirties. Some food can worse the clinical picture in certain patients (coffee, alcoholic drinks, pepper and spicy sauces), as well as cold, intense hot and sunlight exposure.
The disease affects mainly the central region of the face and starts by redness, at first transitory, in episodes, but that later become persistent.


Rosacea is disease of chronic course and there is no treatment that definitely eliminates it, but it can be maintained under control. The factors that worsen it should be avoided. Treatment can be topic, using creams, antibiotics gel, immunomodulators, skin soothing, or by the oral route, usually with antibiotics or isotretinoin.
Redness, vases and inflamed lesions may be treated with laser or intense pulsed light, with excellent results. Nowadays, some lasers types and intense pulsed light are treatment options for rosacea. In more severe cases, with nodules and increase of the nose (rhinophyma), CO2 laser and/or surgery are of great benefits.

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