acne-scarsAcne scars

Acne not treated in time may lead to scars. There are many ways to treat them, depending the kind of scar and the patient’s skin color. Usually, treatment is prolonged and requires patience, but the results are satisfactory. In many, the use of more than one treatment method is necessary, in order to obtain better results.

These are the most common techniques:

Chemical peeling: these are acids applied to the skin in order to peel it and promote skin layer renewal, with synthesis of new collagen and improvement of spots.

Fractionated CO2 laser: this is a laser in which parallel beams target skin islets. Healthy skin around the islets remain preserved and helps the affected areas to recover. With this method, there is intense production of new collagen and skin texture improvement.

Intense pulsed light: this generates heat on the skin and stimulates the collagen, with great improvement of skin texture, spots and also small blood vessels.

Dermal filling: hyaluronic acid is injected under the scar, raising it and equalizing the skin relief, and also stimulating collagen synthesis. The effect lasts from one to two years.

Scars surgery: elevation of a depressed scar bottom and total scar removal with suture, with or without skin graft can be made.

Subcision: it is used to elevate depressed scars. The scar bottom is adhered to deeper tissues and the technique consists on liberation of the skin from this tissues, detaching it.

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